Las Vegas tile and grout cleaning

Depending on the type of tile and grout you are cleaning in Las Vegas will help you decide which approach in taking to get the best results. Many people just attack the tile with one way of cleaning over and over again and wonder why they don’t get the best results each time. Some times an acid wash is the only thing you need to do. Sometimes you need a high alkaline cleaner to get the dirt off the floor. The tile may have been neglected so long that cleaning alone wont restore it. You have to color seal the grout lines after the cleaning. If your cleaning stone there are a variety of cleaners that are useful for a wide variety of situations. The bottom line is tile and grout cleaning is a complicated cleaning process and if you don’t hire the right professional for the job it could end up being an expensive process that equals minimal results. Call Turbo Clean for a free estimate on your tile and grout cleaning in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas for expert advise!


Any material can appear clean on the surface to the naked eye, but if you want to know if it is truly clean all the way through you have to look deeper. A lot of cleaning products and machines that you can buy/rent at any typical retail store will not clean as deeply as professional grade machines. If you want your house or office to be as thoroughly cleaned as possible, make note of the points this article makes.

Have you ever had this experience? You are on a large commercial office carpet cleaning job; the carpet is a light grey color, short cut pile, and about two years old. This is the first time your company has been hired to clean the carpet; to restore the color and appearance; and to remove the soils, oils, and debris that have accumulated.

You specify the best approach is to pile lift the carpet using counter rotating brushes to remove loose soils and debris, followed by hot-water extraction to get the deepest clean possible. You arrive with your crew and proceed to pile lift the carpet. In this case, they pile lift about 6,000 square feet of open area. You start to pack up the pile lifting equipment, and the client, who happens to be in the building during the cleaning process, walks into the area and proclaims that the carpet looks great! What a great job you have done. You smile and say one of the following:

  • Option 1: “Thank you. It does look great,” and pack up to leave; or
  • Option 2: “Thanks. Now we are going to deep clean the carpet and remove the remaining soils and oils. You won’t believe how great it is going to look when we have completed the full service.”

Interesting observation here about client expectations and what is clean. Does it come down to light reflection on fibers?


In this scenario, using the pile-lifting process alone lifted up the carpet’s yarn and restored the carpet’s ability to reflect light from all sides of the fibers. Magically the carpet looked better after going through the pile-lifting process. Why? Because when the yarns are laying on their side, light only reflects from one side of the fibers, and the carpet color looks defused, darker, and appears to be dirty. By lifting the carpet yarns back up, light can now flow through all sides of the thermoplastic and reflect bright, brilliant colors that were originally selected for the carpet product.

Most carpet fibers are made from thermoplastics—nylon, olefin, polyester, etc. The fibers have memory built in during the manufacturing process and heat setting. Most have resiliency (memory) to stand up after being crushed down, especially nylon fibers. Pile lifting and hot water extraction helps restore the resiliency in the fibers.

So the question remains: What is your definition of clean? Is your definition the same as your clients’? Who can actually tell the difference between clean and the illusion of clean? There is a big difference between the appearance of the carpet and the use life of carpet.

In Michael Berry’s article that was published in The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration and Inspection, “Science, Cleaning and Built Environments,” he states, “Clean is far too often thought to be subjective. A pleasing appearance alone, which is fundamentally an artifact of light reflection, often remains the dominant hallmark of the clean condition.”


In 2011 the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) introduced new technology to the carpet industry that actually was rocket science. It is called X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF). The XRF instrument emits energy and excites the atoms of the target elements found in the simulated carpet soils. The energy generated in response is called X-Ray Fluorescence, which the device can detect and measure. Each atomic element has its own unique energy signature. The XRF instrument measures each energy signature to determine the presence and concentration of various soil elements.

The original XRF technology (TRACeR III-V) was developed by NASA in 2002 to conduct quality control for critical aluminum alloy parts destined for the space shuttle. Evaluation of these parts is critical for the Space Agency, as any signs of contamination, corrosion, or material deviation could compromise a space mission. Shaped like a portable drill and weighing less than 5 pounds, the TRACeR III-V has proven successful in chemical substance identification and analysis.

The technology set the stage for a major breakthrough in carpet cleaning validation, helping to create stricter standards for today’s vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors, and other carpet cleaning products to ensure that they are removing soil.

A peer-reviewed research paper validating the CRI’s XRF carpet cleaning test protocol was published in the March/April 2011 edition of AATCC Review, the official journal of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC). Titled, “X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Method Development for Quantitative Evaluation of Carpet Cleaning Technology,” the paper was authored by G.H. Asbury of Professional Testing Laboratory, Inc. and R.F. Shannon of KeyMaster Technologies, Inc. The seven-page report examines the processes used to test and verify the removal of soil from carpet using X-ray fluoroscopy equipment. It concludes that XRF measurement is a reliable means of quantifying the amount of test material removed from carpet during cleaning.

The XRF protocol remains the only valid technology of measuring soil removal, and CRI has set up a certification project for approving vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, and carpet cleaning equipment using this technology.

But even with all of this testing available, it comes down to setting up a good, solid maintenance program and using well-trained technicians. A well-designed commercial carpet cleaning maintenance program can extend the life of the carpet investment. The design of the maintenance program will help achieve the goals of reaching an acceptable appearance level, maintaining the colors, and contribute to a healthier environment. The program should include soil prevention strategies, routine maintenance, interim cleaning, and restorative cleaning.


In the past, carpet was cleaned only when the appearance was unacceptable or poor. Planned carpet maintenance programs should stop the cycle of allowing color loss from high levels of soils, oils, and debris that can cause fiber damage from scratches and abrasion. The combination and implementation of soil prevention, routine maintenance, interim, and restorative cleaning on a yearly basis will make the difference and help define what is clean.

The objective of a carefully built maintenance program is to effectively remove unwanted matter from the carpet and properly dispose of it. Carpets act as a filter for the indoor environment. The planned carpet maintenance program works to empty the filter and enhance the cleanliness of the indoor environment while maintaining the appearance of the carpet’s color.

Can your customers tell the difference between clean and soiled carpet? More than likely, they cannot. It is our job as professionals to assist in this process.



Not all cleaning products are what they seem. There is a science behind what makes a cleaning product safe and efficient. You should know what products are being used, especially if you have children or pets, no matter who is doing the cleaning. Once you understand what ingredients serve what purposes you will be able to clean stubborn areas more effectively and safely. Read about different chemicals in the article below:

Most of us cringe when we see the word chemistry; we either avoided the subject completely in school, or have not-so-fond memories from class of trying to understand what a double bond is and why it’s important. But a basic understanding of the pH of cleaners, along with the chemicals used and how they actually work, will go a long way in selecting the best products to clean and protect carpets and flooring

Liquid carpet cleaner formulations vary by type and manufacturer, but most water-based cleaners contain a few common ingredients. Surfactants lower the surface tension, enabling the cleaner to spread (wet out) over the carpet fibers and more effectively remove soils. Common surfactants listed on the cleaner’s label may include sulfate, sulfonate, or ethoxylated alcohol.Solvents dissolve soils and stains and help solubilize the other ingredients in the formulation to maintain a stable solution. These can be identified on the label under such terms as glycol ether, isopropanol, or ester. Builders, sometimes known as chelating or sequestering agents, boost cleaning effectiveness by softening the water to prevent hard water ions from interfering with the function of the surfactants. Common builders may include sodium hydroxide, sodium citrate, sodium silicate, sodium phosphate, or ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid. Other ingredients may include anti-redeposition agents, which get deposited on the carpet fiber after cleaning to reduce attraction of soils to the fiber surface.  Enzymes are the catalysts behind removing and changing the physical properties in most protein related stains andodors. Bases react with the oil and fat components of soil and make them water miscible.


While the actual ingredients are very important, understanding the role pH plays may arguably be the most important factor determining the overall performance and safety of the carpet cleaner.

pH is a figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale. The pH scale goes from 0 – 14, with 7 being considered neutral. From 0 up to 7 is considered acidic; from just above 7 up to 14 is considered alkaline. From a practical standpoint, products are considered to be more acid or alkaline the further away from 7 the pH gets. The more acidic or alkaline a product is can help to determine how reactive it is to soils, surfaces, skin, and eyes.

Traditionally, alkaline cleaners with a pH of 10 and above have been preferred due to their effectiveness on heavily soiled carpets. At these higher pH levels, an actual chemical reaction known as saponification occurs; organic fats and oils in the soils are converted into a soap when mixed with free alkali (bases) in the cleaners. Common bases used in cleaning products include caustic soda, lye, and sodium silicate. While effective at removing oil based soils from the carpet, high pH cleaners are more corrosive and may damage sensitive fibers and dyes. Most of us can relate to inadvertently using an alkaline cleaner where it shouldn’t be and having to deal with the resulting damage and replacement cost.


Cleaning products formulated at more neutral pH levels are considered safer for surfaces, people, and the environment compared to those that are extremely acidic or extremely alkaline. The human safety advantages of neutral pH cleaners include a lower potential for oral, dermal, and inhalation toxicity as well as a lower potential for aquatic harm when released into the environment. While safer, more neutral pH cleaners have typically been limited to use in light duty cleaners or for sensitive fibers such as wool and silk, as the cleaning performance was in general not as effective as their alkaline or acidic alternatives. However, recent innovations in surfactants and solvents have enabled a new generation of neutral cleaners that can provide exceptional soil removal while being gentle on fibers and safer for users.

The chemistry and mechanism of cleaning at neutral pH is very different from that of high pH alkaline formulations. Instead of a harsh chemical reaction, neutral cleaners rely on the action of the solvents and/or surfactants to penetrate through and dissolve the soil.  The low surface energy of the formulation helps break the adhesive bond that holds the soil to the fiber. The soils are then lifted and dispersed into the cleaning solution, which can be easily rinsed away. And unlike alkaline cleaners, neutral cleaners may not require the use of a neutralizer, or acid rinse, to bring the solution back to neutral pH after cleaning.

Another benefit of some of the newer neutral-pH cleaners is their ability to clean a wider variety of soils. Alkaline cleaners are known to work best when the soil can be hydrolyzed, such as kitchen grease containing natural oils and fats, natural greases, body oils and some proteins. However, they are not very effective on hard water stains, rust, and other more alkaline soils—these typically require a more acidic cleaner. The new innovations in solvents now enable cleaning products to be formulated at neutral pH that can dissolve soils across the spectrum—from greases to soap scum—with one cleaner.

In summary, it is important to understand both the ingredients and the pH of your cleaners, as well as the surfaces and fibers, to make the best selection for your particular cleaning challenge. Consider trying the new neutral pH cleaners on the market. They are gentler on your carpets, safer for use by the cleaning staff, and may even save you time and money through less rinsing and more efficient soil removal.



People always ask me; “Why choose Steam Carpet Cleaning?” I always reply with one answer. “Steam Carpet Cleaners make your home healthier by cleaning the largest filter you have in your home.” Think about the air filters we have in our homes. Every 30 days they need to be changed or cleaned; see

Of course vacuuming on a regular basis does dramatically improve the health of your home; but by having a deep steam cleaning service flush away the dirt, dead skin, and other small particulates that a household vacuum cannot readily remove your carpets and home will be fresh and full of new life. By using real steam not hot water you get much faster drying times.

In addition using large commercial rated carpet cleaning machines you get superior suction versus the smaller residential units. These large commercial units work amazing for residential use. Industry standard is 24 hours for drying times using hot water extraction produce by the smaller residential size cleaning units. The large units can cut the drying times in half! Water turns to vapor at 212 degrees. Large machines can produce vapor temperatures well over 225 degrees creating superheated steam. When combined with the pressure pump that’s pumps the steam out at 400+PSI you get a professional cleaning unmatched by and portable or residential rated cleaning unit.

This process can be done with steam only, mild detergents, or very aggressive detergents depending on the amount of soil in the carpet and the amount of time that has passed since its last cleaning. Green cleaning agents work best for carpet that is regularly maintained. If you prolong your cleaning intervals, do not regularly vacuum your carpet, have excessive foot traffic on your carpets I have found that’s we can use the green cleaners to get your carpets looking better but good old fashioned carpet cleaning detergents power through heavily soiled carpets much better. Be careful of Green cleaners that say they can produce the same results as that of traditional cleaning agents. I true Green cleaning company will tell you ahead of time if they don’t think there process will work. Reputable Green cleaners will refer a traditional steam cleaning company for the real dirty jobs. Others may use traditional cleaners but tell you they were green. Certified carpet cleaners will always try to provide you with the best possible results and tell you about their process before the start the cleaning.

Better equipment usually gives better results. The wild card in all of this is the cleaning tech. If properly trained a floor cleaning tech knows how to properly operate the equipment needed to clean your home. He or she has worked in the field long enough with an experienced lead cleaner and on their own to know the proper craftsmanship to achieve professional results and discuss customer expectations with them prior to starting the job.
With the combination of commercial rated cleaning units, superhot steam, professional grade cleaning detergents, and quality trained cleaning techs your carpet will be cleaned properly.

Reference IICRC Online Publication


Owning a business in Las Vegas requires extensive efforts in maintaining the appearance and overall look of your shop or business establishment. It would be a shame when a high-profile guests stride into your shop, ready to buy your most expensive items, then suddenly walk out after seeing a big stain right there on your carpet! What you need is a good carpet cleaning Las Vegas service

An establishment’s overall appearance is a big statement on your business. It is critical that you invest in good carpet cleaning services to get professional cleaning jobs for your carpets at least twice a year or when the situation calls for it – just like that big stain. The frequency can increase particularly if your business is a high-traffic establishment where people frequent to. Some carpet cleaning companies in Las Vegas may recommend a monthly cleaning program to make them look their best all the time.

When looking for a good Las Vegas carpet cleaning company, make sure that you are dealing with a professional service provider who are certified and licensed in what they do. Ensure that the company is also bonded so that you and your valuables are protected. Depending on the scope of work, these companies would provide price quotations based on the following:

  • The rates they charge per room
  • A flat rate for a whole job (this is better if you want a specific job done immediately)
  • Monthly or weekly rates for regular carpet cleaning services

The following are additional guides to help you identify and hire a good carpet cleaning service company that will help you maintain your investments.

Know what is included in the services offered by the carpet cleaning company.

  • Research the industry an know the standard services companies across the US offer
  • Pre-treatments should be part of the scope.
  • The requirement for workers to wear shoe covers is a must.
  • Look into the websites of carpet cleaning giants, which has been in business for many years. These companies usually set the trend for carpet cleaning services. Compare this with the company you are evaluating.

Choose a carpet cleaning company who is capable of spot treating and dealing with severe carpet problems.

  • carpet cleaning company who is prepared in dealing just about anything under the sun (or over your carpet) is ideal for your needs.
  • Ensure that they really know what they are doing and are not just bragging about it to get your business.

Choose a Las Vegas cleaning company who uses no water or low-water cleaning method.

  • Your carpet is prone to water damage if exposed to water for several days. This is more evident if your carpet uses organic carpet, just like expensive oriental rugs have.
  • Some carpet cleaning companies uses excessive water that will leave your carpets damp for days. Unlesswater restoration is done, it would be bad for your carpet and bad for your business.
  • A good carpet cleaning company uses alternative cleaning methods without water. These methods protect the fibers and eliminate cleaning buildup that is usually associated with conventional cleaning.


Whether you are a new carpet owner, or one that has owned carpet for decades, it doesn’t take long to figure out just how dirty it will inevitably become – no matter how much we may wish it were otherwise.

For most homeowners, time is a precious commodity, especially when your days are filled with eight-hour shifts at the office, kid’s soccer games (or dance recitals), family dinners, date nights, plus much more.

And, while we would all like to ensure our carpet remains in tip top shape, we also know that with an already hectic schedule, sometimes even our best carpet cleaning intentions get placed on the back burner.

So how do you fit carpet cleaning into your fast-paced life? You contact a professional Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas company to do all of the work for you, while you sit back, and reap the following 4 benefits.


With a DIY carpet cleaning machine you have to set aside time to go out and rent the equipment, learn how to use it, and clean your carpet. With professional carpet cleaners, however, all you’re required to do is find a company that is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.


If you’ve had your carpet cleaned before, then you’ve probably already noticed just how great it looks upon completion of service, and for weeks or months later (depending on how much foot traffic you see).

This is because professional carpet cleaning technicians have a full arsenal of state-of-the-art, truck mounted equipment, and specialized cleaning solutions at their disposal.


Fun fact; at least according to Angie’s List; taking the time to ensure your carpet is properly maintained will not only extend its life, but will also allow your home to become a healthier environment, due to the fact that these services will rid your carpet of harmful microorganisms.


Whoever said professional carpet cleaning services had to be expensive? As a matter of fact, when you consider the knowledge and expertise that professional cleaners have, it is priceless. Professional carpet cleaners will take the time to ensure your carpet isn’t damaged and that it’s done correctly.

Were your carpets professionally cleaned recently? Please share with us your experience.


Tiles are popular options for flooring not only in most kitchens and bathrooms, but in other locations inside Las Vegas houses as well. Tiles are durable flooring materials, easy to clean, and reduce the accumulation of dust and other irritants usually associated with wooden floors. In between individual tiles is the mortar called grout and usually comes in the same hue as the tile itself.

As durable as tiles are, they tend to lose their sparkle over time. Attribute this to dirt, grease and grime accumulating on the floor due to constant human traffic or spills from food and drinks. The grout can also be stained due to this constant traffic and flood damage, particularly if the sealant used to cover the material has worn off or was not properly applied. What you need to address this is to perform grout and tile cleaning Las Vegas.

Grout and tile cleaning activities in Las Vegas are required to maintain proper cleanliness of your floors. Dirt and grime that accumulate on the tile surface and on the grout in between and this could harbor certain bacteria and microorganisms that can cause a variety of diseases. Just imagine your toddlers playing in this area, crawling from one tile to another and picking up harmful pathogens that could later develop into sickness. This is a reason why Las Vegas grout and tile cleaning is a must for Nevadan homes.

The following are some information and practical guideline on the proper procedures for grout and tile cleaning that every Las Vegas homeowner should know.

Before handling any cleaning detergents and chemicals, proper protective clothing like latex gloves and face masks should be worn for safety purposes.

Grout and tile cleaning should be done on a regular basis using good quality cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Some homeowners use household chemicals like baking soda and vinegar to clean grout and tile surfaces. However, these materials are not very effective in totally cleaning these surfaces and are only effective in removing build-up of water deposits.

Chlorine bleach is a very powerful oxidizer that can remove even the toughest of stains. However, chlorine bleach can also damage color of adjacent rugs, carpets and other fabrics. If this chemical is to be used for Las Vegas grout and tile cleaning, ensure that you will be applying it directly only on tiles and grout. Another thing to look for is the possibly toxic fumes that may be irritating to people and deadly to small animals and pets.

Another chemical used for grout and tile cleaning in Las Vegas is the common liquid called hydrogen peroxide. It can be an effective cleaner by letting it stay on the affected surface for cleaning for some time, to allow the release of extra oxygen ions. These oxygen ions are the components that attack the microorganisms and mildew that gets stuck within the grout area.

The best chemical of choice for grout and tile cleaning Las Vegas is the non-toxic oxygen bleach. The material is simply mixed with water and poured into the tile and grout and allowed to soak for some time. After a few minutes, the grout and tile can be easily cleaned with a few scrubs and additional rinsing. Oxygen bleach is also safe with other fabrics and materials. It also does not produce any toxic fumes.

Tile and grout cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home and keeping it at pristine condition always. These simple methods can help you achieve this and have a well-maintained and beautiful home.


Carpets provide warmth and life to an otherwise dull and boring floor. This addition, however, is a lifetime investment. Expense does not end from the time of purchase and choice of nylon or wool, woven or tufted, plain or multicolored, with design or without. Good carpet care is very important, that’s why hiring a professional certified carpet cleaning expert is important. This involves regular personal and professional carpet maintenance

Regular and good carpet care is essential in prolonging carpet life and maintaining beauty in the overall appearance of the house. Although professional and certified carpet cleaners are the best advice in carpet care, many people still prefer their own personal touch when it comes to maintenance. Good carpet care primarily entails careful use. Allowing indoor slippers and socks to be used on the carpet prevent any early damage. Proper maintenance of water pipes and good house protection from storm water can prevent water damage to carpets. Once to twice a week vacuuming is also required to prevent dirt and grime to embed within the carpet fibers, and to maintain its vibrant color. Prompt treatment to accidental spills using common household items extends carpet life. Carpet cleaning equipment’s may also be rented and used. Do-it-yourself work may be economical; but, it is not necessarily effective as professional work.

Professional carpet cleaners work faster and more efficiently. Being more knowledgeable and experienced, they use better equipment’s and treatments to various carpet problems. Professional and certified carpet cleaners make use of different cleaning methods. The standard in carpet cleaning today is Hot water removal. This provides the deepest clean for carpets compared to other types. The technician uses a handheld device, which does the actual cleaning, attached to a truck-mount carpet cleaner machine that provides high pressure and high temperature for better suction and cleaning property. Another method is the Dry Foam which isn’t as deep when it comes to cleaning but dries faster. This method uses foam produced by a compressor to clean the carpet surface.

There are a lot of companies that offer professional carpet cleaning services; however, one must be meticulous in choosing to get the best value for your money. Here are some tips and reminders when a choosing a professional and certified carpet cleaning company. First, one must make sure that the company has a good reference. A good reputation in the neighborhood or a recommendation from a friend means that a particular company can be trusted. Second, longevity in the business is also a factor. A company that has been operating for years means that they already have a steady clientele and may have more experience in carpet cleaning and water restoration caused by water damage and the like. Third, one should inquire about the equipment and products they use. It is a plus factor if the company uses high-quality and state-of-the-art equipment’s and top quality products with Seal of Approval. Fourth, the company’s employees should be thoroughly trained and certified. This means that they are accredited by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

While do-it-yourself carpet maintenance is adequate for surface dirt and supplemental cleaning, only professional and certified carpet cleaners can provide the deepest clean for your carpets.


Ever wonder just how efficient steam cleaning is in the city of ? Well, for starters, steam cleaning Las Vegas style is anything but your ordinary vacuum system nor any conventional “steam” cleaner nor a pressure washer. Steam cleaners are state of the art pieces of equipment that uses very minimal water and a little electricity in order to disinfect or sanitize, clean, and deodorize practically any surface without the need for any chemicals.

Just how do steam cleaning vapor systems work? These multi-purpose electronic devices create a low moisture vapor that carries heat to the surface of the article or item that needs to be cleaned. The heat generated by the vapor steamer, together with mechanical friction brought about by light agitation, effectively cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes whatever article or item one needs to clean. The unique vapor system is also beneficial in water damage restoration activities by creating a reliable process of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing damp or soiled articles.

Such pieces of technology come with a variety of accessories to create a system that can be used in virtually all kinds of cleaning applications. And by using only about one and a half liters of tap water per hour, it is mess free while allowing it to operate with very minimal noise. The hot temperatures generated by the vapor system is high enough to render bacteria and other microorganisms relatively harmless. The system is also known to be effective in emulsifying grease and oil as well as other surface contaminants

Steam cleaning is a very mean business in the city of Las Vegas that uses a very unique piece of equipment which uses moist heat to do the work. The vapor system does not require the addition of chemicals and other cleaning agents that are otherwise harmful to human health. This is a very important feature of today’s steam cleaning technologies that they have carefully considered the effects of chemical preparations on both human health and the environment.

Vapor steam cleaners are considered the ultimate in indoor cleaning especially in a household with a member who has allergies. These deep cleaning equipment remove dirt, grime, and stains from any kind of surface, hard or soft, rough or smooth. These vapor systems are also effective in eliminating a host of allergens such as dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other germs.

One special kind of steam cleaning device used in Las Vegas is the steam mop which looks like an ordinary mop but packs the power and convenience of state-of-the-art steam cleaning vapor systems. Steam mop rapidly converts tap water into dry steam vapor within 30 seconds while allowing ease and convenience of use, portability, and extensibility. Like the steam cleaning vapor system, the steam mop also affords the homeowner a thoroughly clean, sanitized, and deodorized home.

Steam cleaning need not be a tedious task of cleaning up someone’s mess, whether it be in the home or in the workplace. The steam cleaning Las Vegas model has clearly shown the importance of using technology to thoroughly clean one’s place and render it germ-free without leaving harmful residues that may trigger health problems to virtually anyone.


With proximity to the desert, home maintenance can be a burden for many residents of Las Vegas. Of all the household chores, carpet maintenance is the least favorite of any homeowner. Regular care to preserve the beauty of carpets requires once to twice a week vacuuming. Carpets are also subjected to dust from the outside environment, unless the use of indoor slippers and socks is strictly enforced within the house. Unfortunately, in spite of utmost caution, accidents cannot be prevented. Carpets become stained because of accidental spills from a wine glass, toddlers spilling food, children playing with paint or pets relieving themselves on the carpet. In addition, water damage provides the greatest harm to carpets. They may be due to storms, leaking water pipes or neglected running bath. Although home maintenance may seem meticulous particularly carpet cleaning, homeowners remain particular when it comes to cleanliness.

The easiest and most convenient option in maintaining the beauty of carpets is hiring professional carpet cleaners in Las Vegas. The truck mount carpet cleaner provides the most extensive and cleanest clean for carpets. The truck-mounted system makes use of high pressures and high temperatures that enhance cleaning power without causing harm to the carpet. The technician usually uses a handheld device that is directly attached to the equipment on a truck hence the name “truck-mount” cleaner. After shampooing and conditioning the carpet using the handheld attachment, the technician then uses a high-powered vacuum which sucks the water and soap and also dirt from the carpet. Truck mount carpet cleaners are preferred over any other types of carpet cleaners because of the added power and smaller equipment that is needed to be brought inside the house. This provides ease in moving furniture inside the house resulting to less likelihood of damage to properties. For the busy and can-afford homeowners, a truck-mount carpet cleaner is the best choice.

On the other hand, many people cannot afford the luxury of hiring professional carpet cleaners. There are cheaper and cost-effective alternatives that can be done to make worn-out and dirty carpets look new again. Warm water can be used because this dissolves grime and oils completely and easily than cold water. Aside from this, common household items can be utilized in removing stains on the carpet. A simple mixture of white vinegar and water pulls residues from carpet fibers and conditions them to become soft to touch. Club sodas are effective in removing red wine stains. Brake cleaners are good for food stains. To use this, a small amount is applied on a small cloth which is then used to blot the stain. It is important that blotting should be done when cleaning stains, as opposed to rubbing which damages carpet fibers and spreads the stain deeper. WD40 can also be used to remove oil and grease. This is paired with the application of a mild solution of dish detergent and water. Shaving cream is also effective in removing common stains. After directly applying shaving cream on the stained area and allowing it to settle for a few minutes, it is gently blotted with a dry cloth and rinsed with a vinegar and water solution. These simple carpet cleaning tips proves that maintaining ones carpet is easy and cheap.